1st Round
SMOKED ALMONDS pepperoni spices 5
DEVILED EGGS crispy shallots 5
POTATO FRITES salt, cracked black pepper, chives 5
CREAMY GRANO ARSO FARRO roasted cabbage, fermented apple, sprouted buckwheat 9
WARM BUTTERNUT SQUASH crispy speck ham, kale, sprouted seeds, rosemary 10
MARKET GREENS radish, avocado, wild herb vinaigrette 11
ATLANTIC FLUKE TARTARE grapefruit, dill, olive oil, sea salt 12
HEIRLOOM TOMATO SALAD basil oil, arugula, lemon, ricotta 12
CONFIT OF SMOKED PORK BELLY anson mills grits, okra, ham jus 13
POUTINE fries with blood sausage gravy, cheese curds & scallions 15
FRIED CHICKEN raw oyster mayonnaise 15
6 OYSTERS IN THE HALF SHELL bloody mary granita 16
COUNTRY HAM OF THE DAY hush puppies & maple butter 16

2nd Round
BOX BURGER caramelized onion & gruyere on a pretzel bun with frites 17
LOCAL BLACK COD fresh butter beans, cipollini onions, leek vinaigrette 24
PAN ROASTED HALF CHICKEN brined in whey, chanterelles, cayenne, pesto 24
8 OZ. BEEF HANGER STEAK tokyo turnips, urfa pepper, lambs quarters 32

WARM QUINCE & APPLE CAKE rosewater gelato, pomegranate, pistachio 8
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE tamarind pears, orange whipped cream, sesame seeds 8
HONEY THYME CRÈME BRULEE moscato fig compote & cornmeal-walnut biscotti 8

*Sample Menu Only, Subject To Change at anytime.