1st Round

SMOKED ALMONDS pepperoni spices 5
DEVILED EGGS crispy shallots 5
MARINATED CASTELVETRANO OLIVES lemon zest, fennel seed and garlic 4
POTATO FRITES salt, cracked black pepper, chives 5
CELERY ROOT AND LEEK SOUP cream, toasted walnuts, watercress oil 9
CARMELISED BRUSSEL SPROUTS saurkraut dressing, honey, roasted garlic 8
MARKET GREENS SALAD cara-cara orange, pistachios, pomagranate vinaigrette 7
CABBAGE SALAD apples and dried currants, walnuts, tart golden raisin vinaigrette 10
POACHED EGG & DUCK CONFIT SALAD radishes and chicory, grain mustard vinaigrette 13
FRIED CHICKEN raw oyster and tarragon mayonnaise 15
OYSTERS IN THE HALF SHELL cara cara orange & horseradish mignonette 3 for 8 or 6 for 15
CURED HAM PLATE hush puppies, maple butter 16

2nd Round

POUTINE fries with blood sausage gravy, cheese curds & scallions 13
BOX BURGER caramelized onion & gruyere on a firebrand sesame pretzel bun with frites 15
PARISIAN GNOCCHI broccoli spigarello, cauliflower, spicy bread crumbs, parmesan cheese 19
PAN ROASTED HALF CHICKEN Anson Mills grits, rainbow chard, lemon, pan juices with marjoram 25
SEAFOOD CIOPPINO clams, mussels, cod, fingerling potatoes, crab and calabrian pepper broth, grilled levain bread, chervil 26
NEW YORK STEAK, 8 OUNCES creamed kale, sunchoke hash with shallots, brined green peppercorn sauce 28


BUTTER BOURBON PUDDING oak chantilly cream, snickerdoodles 8
PASSIONFRUIT TARTLET white chocolate cream, cara-cara oranges 8
WARM DATE CAKE toffee sauce, sour apples, cider chantilly cream 8
BAKED ALASKA mexican chocolate gelato, orange parfait, almond sponge cake, brown sugar meringue 8

*Sample Menu Only, Subject To Change at anytime.